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It is completely common for couples to grow bored with their sex lives and seek out foreplay games to play. Finding new, sexy foreplay games can be a fun process that is sexually exciting in itself. It is important, however, to understand exactly what foreplay is. Though most people think of foreplay as something that happens only in the bedroom, it can actually refer to any action or behavior that causes one to become aroused and interested in sexual activity. In most cases, men are easier to arouse than women. Foreplay, however, is important for both sexes as it makes them feel closer to one another and helps sex to happen on a deeper and more fulfilling level. Foreplay leads to a greater arousal level makes sex feel better in general.

Common foreplay involves fondling one another, holding one another, kissing sensually, rubbing one another’s body, giving and receiving massages, or giving and receiving oral sex. Often times, however, couples, even those couples who are very much in love, grow bored with the common methods of arousal and turn to foreplay games to add a little spice in the bedroom. Contrary to the beliefs of many people, playing these types of games does not indicate a problem or some kind of lacking in the relationship. If new methods of foreplay and arousal are explored together, they can bring a couple closer together. Seeking out new types of sexual pleasure with one another actually indicates a strength, a secure comfort level, and an honest bond between couples, rather than a chasm.


Many people enjoy role playing games as a type of foreplay. In these scenarios, either or both members of a couple may adapt a persona or personas to act out in a sexual nature. In some cases, one or both parties may dress up as the character they are pretending to be. Some couples even find it fun to briefly change their names or histories for these types of games. This type of foreplay not only keeps sex exciting, but it allows couples to laugh together and explore individual fantasies and creativity. Still, other couples enjoy watching pornography together. Sometimes just picking out a sexy video or DVD to watch together can be foreplay in itself. Adding sex toys, scented or flavored lotions, and fun accessories also help many couples to enjoy their sex life more.

Talking to one’s partner about what he or she is comfortable with is extremely important. This type of communicaton helps couples to understand one another better – both inside and out of the bedroom. Also, it is important to still maintain an amount of normal, loving sex inbetween these types of games in order to foster an deep emotional relationship. It is pefectly natural and even healthy to try finding foreplay games to play.

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