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Breast Massage Technique

One of the best ways to enjoy sex to a greater extent is to engage in foreplay and one of the best foreplay methods is the breast massage technique. The breast is obviously a sexual organ as it responds to sexual stimulation like other organs. The breasts are also very prominent and obvious signs of sexuality. Their prominent presence on the chest makes them into sexual objects that are commonly a large part of sexual attraction. Women and men both enjoy the breast and think about them in their daily life. Therefore it is appropriate it incorporate the breast into foreplay games to play since it is already a part of sexual interaction. There are great foreplay games that can be played with the breasts since they are a responsive tissue and able to be stimulated very effectively and are a part of the human sexual psyche.

Simple massage of the breast can be a very effective method of foreplay. This massage should be careful and deliberate. It should not be something that a person would see in a pornographic film. The clutching and grabbing of the breast can be appropriate in certain situations, but these are very rare. In many cases a person will feel threatened or otherwise ill at ease if the person fondles and handles the breast in an inappropriate manner and is too aggressive or otherwise doing something weird with the breast that the partner does not approve of and is otherwise made to feel that the action is not sexual nor pleasurable.

One of the best foreplay games to play is the slight teasing massage that can be done with the breast. The gentle touch alternating with a more vigorous massage is perfect for the breast. It is appropriate to get the breast excited before getting very involved with it. A series of gentle caresses can then be followed by more directed fondling and pressure to the breasts. The massage can even include such playful methods as the nipple flick or slight grasp. The purpose of the teasing the nipple is to get the person excited and to actually feel something pleasurable, but not something that is painful or uncomfortable. The teasing can be part of great foreplay games because it can lead to the teasing of other areas of the body. The breasts are just a place to start the sexual excitement. After the breasts, there are more sensitive areas that attention can be paid to in order to begin to have a high level of sexual excitement. In this way the body is prepared for the more vigorous and exciting sexual practices that can begin later. A person cannot simple dive into intercourse, they have to lead up to it and continue to increase in excitement until the person is so ready for intercourse that they are practically screaming for it. By doing the breast massage technique, a person can really provide great foreplay and set the sex for an awesome sexual experience.

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